The Board

Our board is made up of the District Executive Ministers and three representatives from the Northern Indiana District and the South/Central District.

Torin Eikler - Northern Indiana District Executive Minister

Torin is an ordained minister who has served the district, denomination, and local church. He is the District Executive for Northern Indiana District. Torin lives in Goshen with his wife Carrie and their 3 children.



South/Central Indiana District Executive Minister




Ted Noffsinger - Representative, Northern Indiana District

Ted is a retired high school math teacher and cross country coach. He continues as a cross country and track meet official. He has served in various local and district positions and is currently the district coordinator for disaster ministries and serves as treasurer for the Vietnam Project Mission Support Team undergirding Grace Mishler's work.
Phil Tomson - Representative, South/Central Indiana District

Phil is a retired Bank Trust Officer and farmer. He serves as the treasurer for Ministry Excellence Project. He attends Living Faith congregation, volunteers on several non profit boards and has served the district in various capacities including chairing the district board and on the audit committee.
Helen Wenger - Representative, South/Central Indiana District

Helen Wenger is a member and staff person at the Anderson Church of the Brethren. She and her husband, John, are the parents of three grown children. She was a teacher and has served on her local church board as well as the District Board. She was a member of the Indiana Camp Board and worked as a consultant for Vision for the 90s.