The Congregational Challenge

Congregations Make A Difference!

Congregations serve an important role in removing the financial barriers that stand in the way of effective pastoral ministry. The Ministry Excellence Project is funded with half of its income derived from congregation gifts and matching grants. The other source of funds is the Lilly Endowment, Inc. Since its inception in 2009 through 2011, the project has awarded twenty-eight financial grants to pastors totaling $79,696. Thirty-four percent of those grants were funded by congregations that together made contributions of $27,236 to the Ministry Excellence Project. The Board would like to thank the following congregations for their financial support:

Columbia City, Columbia City
Goshen City, Goshen
Guernsey, Monticello
Huntington, Huntington
Kokomo, Kokomo
Little Pine, Goshen
Logansport, Logansport
Manos de Cristo, South Bend
Mexico, Mexico
North Liberty, North Liberty
North Winona, Warsaw
Peru, Peru
Pine Creek, North Liberty
Prince of Peace, South Bend
Rock Run, Goshen
Union Center, Nappanee
Union Grove, Muncie

How Can My Congregation Make A Difference?

During challenging economic times many churches think most about just surviving. Indiana communities have been hit hard by unemployment and are recovering very slowly. Many Church of the Brethren congregations are small and are served by part-time pastors. Consequently, it is easy to assume that we do not have the resources to participate in the work of the Ministry Excellence Project. Keep in mind that many small gifts and initiatives, when put together, can make a big difference.

The Ministry Excellence Project needs the participation of your congregation. The following are some ways you can get involved:
  • Contributing to the work of the project each year. Some congregations have made MEP a line item in their budget. Others use special gifts and offerings to make a contribution.
  • Participating in the Ministry Excellence Sunday Program, which will give your congregation a chance to say thank you to your pastor.
  • Setting aside time for your church board to talk honestly and openly about finances with your pastor. Our pastors need your partnership to navigate through the financial challenges they encounter.
Project Interpretation for Congregations

Does your congregation or church board want to know more about the Ministry Excellence Project? If you would like more information about this, please contact Leslie at